Pacific Northwest Chapter of the
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Promoting toxicology and chemistry research in the Pacific Northwest

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming 25th Annual PNW-SETAC meeting to be held in Bellingham, WA
June 1st - 4th, 2016!!

PNW-SETAC Annual Conferences

Every year, PNW-SETAC holds a three-day conference in spring or early summer.  Locations vary throughout the region, but are usually in Washington or Oregon, and occasionally in Idaho or British Columbia, Canada.  Conferences typically include a special session, workshop, and/or short course on the first day, followed by a full day of sessions on the second day and a half-day of sessions on the third.  We also have fun social events and a PNW-SETAC General Membership meeting. Proposals for Sessions and Short Courses are accepted all year-round. Just contact us!

On average we have more than 100 attendees each year, comprised of professionals who bracket a range of years to decades working in their fields, as well as students who are just preparing to enter their career fields. As such, the PNW-SETAC Board of Directors strives diligently each year to provide the best venue possible to discuss current and emerging issues in environmental toxicology and chemistry in the Pacific Northwest. We hope you consider joining us!


25th PNW-SETAC Annual Conference Anniversary !

Meeting Theme: Environmental Priorities: Then, Now, and in the Future!

Twenty-five years ago, the PNW-SETAC held its 1st Annual Conference June 26-27, 1992 on the Western Washington University campus titled "Environmental Priorities of the 90s". The Chapter President at the time was Wayne Landis, Western Washington University, who was serving as the 3rd Chapter President, with Beth Power, Azimuth Consulting Group, and Mike Johns, Windward Environmental, as the conference co-chairs. The 1st and 2nd Chapter Presidents were Gary Chapman, C2C Trail, and Bill Williams, Cardno/Entrix, respectively.

This year's conference will be held June 1-4, 2016 at the Four Points by Sheraton (formerly the Best Western Lakeway Inn) in Bellingham, WA. A preliminary schedule of events lined up so far are as follows:

Wednesday June 1st:

Thursday June 2nd:

Friday June 3rd:

Saturday June 4th:

A more detailed synopsis of the Meeting Agenda and things to do in Bellingham can be accessed HERE.

The First Call for Abstracts and Sessions will be sent out in the next month. Meeting Registration information, as well as information on reserving lodgings at the Four Points by Sheraton will be forthcoming and so please check back!

Presentation Guidelines:

Oral Presentations
Oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for discussion or questions.  PowerPoint slide presentations are preferred.  Lettering should be large enough to be read at a distance of 100’, e.g., 72 pt for titles, 42 pt for presenter affiliation, and 24 pt or greater for text.

Poster Presentations
Posters should be able to fit on a 3’ x 4’ board (NOTE: poster size has been revised) using Velcro or tacks.  Supplies will be provided onsite.  Lettering on posters should be readable at a distance of 6’ i.e., the same as for platform presentations with 72 pt for titles, 42 pt for presenter affiliation, and 24 pt or greater for text.


Presentation File-Sharing

In our continuing quest to bring new technologies to our membership, we offer presenters the opportunity to post and share poster and platform presentations to other conference attendees. Presenters will be able to upload their presentations to a file-sharing site, and registrants will be given the password to view and download the presentations.  Presenters will have the option of whether to post their materials, depending on the public availability or sensitivity of the information.


2015 Conference Corporate Members and Sponsors!

Many thanks again to our 2015 Corporate members and sponsors! Special thanks to:

Corporate Members - Orca Level:

Nautilus Environmental (for the fourth year in a row!)
Maul, Foster & Alongi, Inc. (for their second year in a row!)
Northwestern Aquatic Sciences.

Corporate Members - Chinook Level:

Germano & Associates, Inc
Windward Environmental, LLC

Corporate Members - Heron Level:

Avocet Consulting
Integral Consulting

Corporate Members - Kingfisher Level:

Scientific Notations LLC

Their level of giving went a long way towards making our 2015 conference both affordable and high quality! Please see our Sustaining Members webpage for more information about the individuals and companies that help to make us so successful!

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